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She was a 15-year old slut

Sex = Male
Where it happened = My Parent's Kitchen Floor
Language = English
Refnum = 25545
I had a party at my parent's house and about 6 or 7 of my friends showed up (all guys). One guy brought along this girl who had been kicked out of her house by her mom. I didn't ask why, and didn't much care since I was getting loaded. Her name was Senta and she was pretty cute, with shoulder-length blond hair and a nice tight body. I got really drunk and remember the following events:

Skinny Dipping in my parent's pool with Senta while a couple of my friends watched.

My friends leaving.

Sitting at the kitchen table with her while she read the fucking paper (?!) and I leered at her naked body and ocassionally glanced at my turgid tool (note here: My cock is not 5-feet long like all of these BS artists on here - it's an average 6 inches).

Taking her hand, pulling her off of the seat she was sitting on and bringing her down on the kitchen floor.

Fucking her (after she guided me in - I was a little clumsy).

Cumming on her stomach.

Her getting pissed because I was fading quick.

Waking up on the kitchen floor with her sitting there reading the newspaper still.

Waking up again and seeing her getting fucked from behind by one of my friends while she sucked on another one in the other room.

Waking up in my bed with a sore dick and a bad hangover.

Being pissed because I wasted my virginity.

Being more pissed because the two friends who fucked her told me later that they had fucked her several times before. They also told me that she had just turned 15 (she said she was 18).

All in all, I guess it wasn't a total waste. I've been with 16 different women now and they've all gotten better, and so have I. I've fucked other girls that were more of a waste of time than Senta, but she was kind of a waste for "My First Time."

She was a 15-year old slut

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