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young swedish pussy and older man's cock

Sex = Female
Where it happened = my apartment in L.A.
Language = English
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When i was 19, I moved from Sweden to L.A., and started going to Santa Monica college. I was taking an art history class and my teacher was 39 years old. He was very good teacher and I found him sexy as well. I had always been more attracted by older men because they were so masculine and in the back of my mind I pictured them as having a bigger, thicker cock than the young boys I had dated before. I was not a virgin but this is about my first time with a real man. We talked alot after class and I had a feeling he was attracted to me. I had been a fashion model in Sweden and I knew that men were very attracted to me. One day after class he suggested we go get coffee and get to know each other better. I agreed and we went to Starbucks and talked for a while. It started to get cold and I suggested we went to my apartment around the corner. I could tell he was attracted to me and I was getting so horny my pussy was getting wet. I think he was really turned on that I was only a 19 year old teenager and he was 39 yeard old. He probably fantasized about young girls alot being a teacher. When we got to my apartment he sat on the couch and then layed across it on his back. He was joking with me and then he pulled me over to him so I sat on top of him and although we were both wearing jeans I began to feel his cock growing hard under me. I started to get nervous and I could feel my pussy now was so wet and slippery because I had just gotten it waxed smooth the day before. I knew he could sense my excitement, and I could feel his. I knew I would have to make the first move because he would hesitate considering my age. I stood up and said to him that we should go into the bedroom. I went first while he followed me. Then next to my bed I turned around and started unbuttoning his jeans. He just stood there and let me. I was so horny now I wasn't scared. We didn't kiss once because we weren't interested in each other like that, we both just wanted to fuck really bad. For me it was being with an older man that turned me on, and for him it must have been because I was so young. When I got his pants down and looked at his boxer shorts and his cock bulged under them. I felt butterflys in my stomach. I could see a wet spot where the head of his cock was and it got me wetter thinking about how horny he must be, wanting to push his cock into a young girl's tight pussy. He took off his shirt while I pulled his boxer shorts down and I stopped to look at his cock. It was long, but what I liked best was how thick it looked, and the head of his cock was really big. It definately looked like a older man's cock. When I pulled his boxer's all the way off I unbuttoned by jeans and pulled them off with my panties at the same time. Then I quickly pulled my shirt off over my head. He just stood there looking at my body with his cock standing straight up. I turned toward the bed and climbed on, laying flat on my stomach. He just looked at me for a few moments, and I knew he couldn't believe I was giving myself to him. My long tan legs leading up to a perfectly smooth pussy. My pussy was so wet and swollen I could feel my juices running down my pussy lips. I was so horny now I wanted him to fuck my tight young pussy with his big older cock. He climbed onto the bed behind me and reached down and grabbed my hips. He pulled me up onto my knees so I was doggy style in front of him. I looked back over my shoulder at him and watched as he took his right hand and grabbed the base of his cock, which looked even bigger now. He pointed his head toward my tight, smooth, wet slit and slowly started rubbing his big cock head up and down my slit. I was getting so hot feeling it touch me, I could feel it's warmth and how hard it was. After his head was wet with my juices he slowly pushed his head in, which made me gasp. Slowly he began fucking me with just the head of his cock. I started cumming so hard I could feel my juices flowing out of my bald pussy and onto his cock. He then took his hand off his cock and put it back onto my hip. I could feel my lips being forced to open for his head and I could feel how tight they were around him. Then with one motion he slowly pushed his cock into me. I could feel my pussy lips stretching around his thick cock as it entered me. It kept filling me untill I couldn't take any more. He stopped when his cock was in all the way. I could feel his balls resting against me. Then he started thrusting into me taking his cock all the way out and then letting it sink back into me. He started moaning softly at first and then he began to get so load I thought the neighbors would hear. The moaning turned me on knowing how good it must feel for me to let this 39 year old man fuck my little bald teenage pussy. He fucked me for a long time and I came on him about three times. I could feel his cock getting harder and swelling inside me. He stopped and took his cock out and said he didn't want to ruin it for me. I told him I wanted him to, and he slid his cock back into me and started fucking me really hard and fast. Then I felt his cock twitch and felt his hot cum squirting inside of me. I came again feeling him fill me up with his cum. Then he slowly pulled his cock out and we both sat for a while breathing hard. Then we put our clothes back on and he left. I never want back to school there again and that was the last time I saw him. I always think about him when someone is fucking me from behind and I am sure he thinks about me when he is fucking older girls wishing they could be as tight and young as me.

young swedish pussy and older man's cock

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