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Sex = Female
Where it happened = in my bathroom
Language = English
Refnum = 24588
Well I'll never forget it. I always take showers with the door opened so i can hear my radio from my bedroom across the hall. well i thought i was all alone in the house as i was drying off in the bathroom until i heard someone go oh what a beautiful young lady. It was my uncle Sam, he's my mom's brother and he's so good looking. He's a soccer coach and he works out and I never thought I'd actuallly get to see him naked. Well back to my story. I was standing there and he said what gives my eyes the pleasure to look at this beautiful body. I covered myself up at first and then he said no please don't be shy. Don't you like to show boys your body. I noticed his dick was putting a big bulge in his pants and that got me all wet. I mean i had sucked guys dicks and i had jacked them off but never had one inside me.
So i decided i wanted to tease. I took off my towel and i bent over so he could see my tight ass and my pink pussy.
Well that must of worked because he said why don't we go in your rooom. ANd we did. It was so great he layed me down and just stuck it in me it hurt at first but then i was sitting on top of him riding him. Well what can i say but i love it when uncle sam visits.


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