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Fast Sex

Sex = Female
Where it happened = In her bedroom
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One time i was at my friends house, and we were shooting the shit and then all of a sudden someone calls musta been his girlfriend because he was on the phone for quite along time....
Anyway, while sitting in his room and i got quite bored, so i decided to head over to his sisters room to see what was going on with my suprise when i waltzed threw the door unexpectidly, she was changing.
I was like "oh im sorry" shes like thats not a problem....she got dressed quick and i never thought anything of i sat on her bed and just decided we would have a little chat...
30 mins go by and my friend is still on the phone and i am getting quite horny talking to her about her past boyfriends....
so i decided to speak up and ask...."so you ever have sex before?" she just looked at me with a bright smile and giggled.. so i said "i'll take that as a yes" then she spoke up and said "no no, i haven't"
in my mind i was thinking BONUS......some fresh pussy....i started fantasizing about her in my mind, at one point i believe she caught me looking at her breasts, but she smiled and kept babbling on about something.....i got sooo frustrated with my lust i grabbed her by the shoulders and dove into her mouth like i would in a pool on a hot summers day...
she was trying to get away at first, but then she looked at me and started going with the flow....are hands began to wonder....i caught her trying to get at my crotch, she started rubbing my cock threw my khakis, it was almost like an instant a matter of seconds i had my pants down to my knee's, she was tuggin on my dick like their was no tommorow
i couldn't believe it, she was really good at this, she knew the right movements, the right places to grab and shit......
soon enough i got quite bored, i eventually grabbed the back of her head and made her chomp down on my fast as sally struthers could eat a pie she was licking the head of my dick like a fuckin pro........i moved my hands up and down her breasts rubbin the nipple and trying to make it red as a cherry,, i loved sucking on those tits, sooo plumb, so round and perky,
by now my dick was hard as a fuckin boulder, she asked me if i've ever fucked before i was like NOPE! BUT IM WILLING TO TRY ANYHING ONCE!
as fast as i could say that she was on me like white on rice, up and down up and down, it was amazing, i couldn't belive the pleasure i was recieveing at the time......not even a minute went by and i knew i was gonna cum, i pulled my dick outta her and made her get on her knee's, she was quite willing, i said "open your mouth", shes like "OKAY!"
i jerked off for two seconds and then it happened, i spunked all over her face...all up her nose, on her lip and in her mouth....she licked it all up until she was clean....then we heard her brother comming back, i've never put my pants on soooo fast in my life, he came in the room and said "Sorry about the wait" with a big smile on my face i said "What do you mean?? You wern't gone that long"
since that day, i've fucked his sister about 3 more times, but now we fuck in my house when my parents and nobody else is home.......

The END!

Fast Sex

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