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Sex = Female
Where it happened = back yard pool
Language = English
Refnum = 24562
we had a pool in the yard,and i just got a new suit.The top barely covered my 32 in tits.The bottom was a tiny thong,which just covered my bulging pubes boyfriend was over for a swim and when he saw me the front of his small suitgot a large bulge in it.When I saw it I got a wet spot in my psnts nipples stuck out of my top and I got wetter.I pulled him to me and felt his hard cock.He pulled my top off and sucked my tits,I pulled his cock out of his suit and started to get him off.He took me over to the chaise and laid me down,pulled my thong off and entered me with one push.It hurt when he broke my cherry,but it felt good.He came in me and since he was still hard in me we did it again,After the third time he came in me he fell out and I sucked him off.He came in my mouth


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