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That Time that thing

Sex = Female
Where it happened = ummm, a (his) house
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okay so unlike many of the people who have submitted to this, but probably like many who read them, my first time was not the best of times.

I have some friends who live in a house together, and we party there alot. So heres the basic story

i had driven some of my friends home from a party, and i was kinda tired so i decided to crash in town ( i live out of town). I went to these friends of mine's house, to find them in the middle of drinking. being that i wasn't driving i decided to have a drink or two myself. yady yady yady time went by and eventually i was a tiddle bit lipsy ad only me and Jason were left up. we talked and talked and then after a bit he kissed me. this was cool, this was fine.. oh wait he was going out wtih a friend of mine, but he'd had a crush on me before.. never had i ever thought of him that way until that night. so um yes, one thing lead to another, and we started having sex.. i asked him to either get a condom or stop.. he stoped, and started, and stoped and started...ect.. basicly he raped me. i wish it could have been something great, and even after that i ended up dating the guy for a few months, but that was that, he's eveil, and I've dealt with it. stuff sucks... you get over it.

That Time that thing

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