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Fucking Auntie

Sex = Male
Where it happened = aunt's house
Language = English
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I had been spending a week at my aunt and uncle's house the
summer before I started college. They had a really nice
pool and had always invited me to stay for a little while
the previous few years, so I finally accepted their invitation.
My uncle Frank worked during the day but my Aunt Theresa was
always home so that's who I would spend the days with. They
were both quite a bit older than me, Frank was 52 and Theresa
was 36 but for some reason I found my aunt very attractive.
She had a pretty face with blue eyes and shoulder length
dirty blonde hair. She had sized 40DD tits and a big, fat
ass. The first couple of days Aunt Theresa and I hung out
by the pool all day long. Seeing her in her one piece, navy
blue bathing suit would get my cock so hard. Her nipples
always seemed to be hard and were visible through her bathing
suit and she always had a few light brown pubic hairs peeking
out the sides of her bathing suit. By the third day of this
I couldn't take anymore. I was constantly horny and thinking
about my aunt. I decided I'd make a move on her. After all
I figured that the worst thing that could happen is that she
would reject me. I was sure that she wouldn't tell my uncle
though. When we went out to the pool that morning she went
to put sun tan lotion on like she usually did, so I offered
to do it for her. She agreed and then thanked me. I did her
back and arms and shoulders. Then I started rubbing the lotion
into her legs, working my way up from her ankles. I got up
to her thick, luscious thighs and as I rubbeed the inside of
her thigh I made sure to rub the side of my hand against her
crotch, pretending that I didn't mean to. She must have noticed
but she didn't show it so I slid two fingers inside her
bathing suit and and easily slipped them inside her wet pussy.
A huge smile spread over her face as I fucked her pussy with
my fingers. She started to moan softly as I pulled her bathing
suit to the side so I could see her hairy pink pussy.
"Oh honey, we really shouldn't be doing this." she moaned.
"Do you want me to stop?" I asked, kowing she would say no.
"Hell no!" she said, "What I want you to do is eat my pussy
baby!" she said playfully. Then she suggested that we move
inside so that no one saw us. I followed her to her room
where we each stripped our suits off. She layed on her bed
with her legs spread, "C'mon honey, eat your aunt's pussy."
she said. I obeyed her wishes, sucking and lapping at her
big, hairy pussy. Her pussy smelled quite fishy, although I
really did enjoy it. She quickly started having her first
orgasm. I joyfully lapped her sweet pussy nectar ass it leaked
out of her cunt. After that she turned over onto her stomach,
thrust her big, soft, milky white ass into the air and begged
me to lick her asshole. This made me quite happy. First I gave
her fat ass a hard slap and watched as it jiggled around. I
then pushed my face between her huge ass cheeks and started
licking her puckered pinck anus. It tasted amazing as I
fucked her ass with my tongue. She was moaning loudly and
finaly pleaded with me to fuck her. She lay on her back with
her thick, sexy legs spread and helped guide my cock into her
pussy. Her cunt was big, loose, and sloppy but it felt awesome!
I slid into her quite easily and began fucking her hard.
"Oh yes baby! Fuck my pussy honey! Fuck it hard! OOOHHHH
YEAHHHH! Fuck me lover! Fuck aunties pussy baby! OOOOOHHHHH
it feels soooo good! Oh god, your aunt's cumming lover!" she
screamed. I quickly blew my load inside her pussy and she
immediately began sucking me hard again. We fucked for a while
again in several different positions and then came the best part.
She told me to fuck her in her ass. I put my face in her big,
smelly crack again and licked her bung again to lubricate it.
Then I slowly penetrated her anus with my hard penis. Her
ass was much tighter than that big pussy and it felt incredible.
Soon I began pumping it hard and fast. "Ooooooohh. OH YES!
Mmmmmmmmmmm, fuck auntie's ass just like that. Fuck my horny
ass lover! Ooooooh yeah, my ass is so horny honey! FUCK MY ASS
shrieked as she started cumming at the same time as I shot my
load into her tight asshole. As I pulled out of her ass she
said to me, "Lick your cum out of my ass honey, then let me
taste it." I obeyed her, licking my cum that was dripping out
of her ass crack and then kissed her, swirling my tongue around
in her mouth. "Mmmmmm, tastes great! Your aunt's such a dirty
slut, huh?" she asked smiling.
"She certainly is." I said smiling. And that's how I treated her
for the next several years.

Fucking Auntie

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