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Sex = Male
Where it happened = youth camp(my room)
Language = English
Refnum = 23624
I met Denise first when my father sent me on a camp!Yes you guessed it she was geourgous...she had every perfect feature!(use your imagination)now ill cut to the chase!

Everyone had gone to the beach to enjoy themsleves but I stayed in the hotel lestening to the radio..When suddenly Denise came into the room...she was wearing a tanktop & khaki shorts..She asked me if I had a girlfriend..
My reply "NO"!Then she proceeded to ask me where was everyone.U know what i said.then she asked me if I was a virgin.I told her I was!So was she.her last question "want to fuck me" My reply "sure"

We started ripping off each others clothes:pShe got stunned by my 10incher!(It's larger than average)Denise wasted no time trying to suck it!!I almost came in her mouth but she stopped just in time:pI then laid her down on my bed got between those wonderful legs of hers & started eating her out!It was great & she even cumed!My licking & stimulating ceased:pI got up & rubbed my dick up & down her slit!
she told me to becareful with my weapon!She was moaning when I inserted 2 inces into her...then I pushed it in all the way!!Blood oozed out follwed by her scream!!But she said not to take it out but to fuck her!After 15 mins I came in her so much that some oozed out!

now that was the first time!Now I have to go fuck Denise!CHAO:p


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