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my friend's horny mom

Sex = Male
Where it happened = my friend's house
Language = English
Refnum = 23417
I knew my friend since I was six.he had a nice sexy mom. at the age 14 I started to think about my friend's mom (mrs F).she made me so horny that I could not stop thinking of her nice sexy legs,her cute toes,her big boobs aand her tight ass. when I was in high school i used to go to my friennd's house all tthe time to study with him. when i turned 17 iwas still a virgin. I realized that mrs.F is being so nice to me. even sometime she sat on the couch with her legs open knowing that I was watching her see thruogh panties. every time that my friend went to bathroom or he left me alone for few minutes in their house, I used to go to his parents' room and to his mom's closet. I used to sniff on her pantyhose and panties. anyway I had a dream to feel her body. she was 39 years old at the time. it was september 15th around 11 o'clock in the morning. I went to my friend's house to return a book I borrowed few days earlier. i rang the bell no one answered. i was going to leave when I saw that mrs.F is coming toward home. she was wearing a short skirt with black pantyhose and a red top.she smiled and said that her husband and her two sons (my frieend and his brother) are gone fishing and they will be back the next day.she asked me if i can hep her with moving some boxes in garage. after helping her she invited me inside for a drink. I followed her inside. after few minutes she brought me a cup of lemonade. she sat in front of me. while she was drinking her lemonade she took of her shoes. her hot sweaty toes were driving me crazy. then she said to me " you like me don't you?". I smiled. she said " I know that you watch me all the time and i know that I make you horny". I was blushing. she continued " don't be embaressed I like you too. you make me horny too. I have a fantacy of having sex with a young guy".then she camme to me and took my hand and put it between her legs. I couldn't control my self and started to kiss her. her lips were sweet.then i went down to her and licked her toes that i always dreamed of. she grabed my hand and took me too bed room. she said "don't worry no one is comming back's just me and you". I helped her to take her cloths off. it was the greatest moment of my life (undressing a woman that i thought of her for years). we went to bed and after rubbing her sot and big brest, i screwed her. she sounded so sexy during her orgasm. that day we had sex three times. that was my first sex. after that day we had sexual relationship for five years until i left our home town. yes, I had affair with my friend's mom (mrs F). now she is 47 and sometimes i talk to her on the phone. this was my secret.

my friend's horny mom

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