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Cum on my hand

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Car
Language = English
Refnum = 23231
I went to bar cause I was lonely. Sat down and ordered a beer and nice looking guy sat down next to me. I was interested cause he looked real hot. He buys me another beer and offers me a cigarette. I never smoked before but I take one to be polite. I really like the feeling of blowing out smoke toward him and it makes me feel hot to smoke with him. I am getting drunk and start putting my hands all over him as I talk. At one point I "accidentally" rub his crotch and boy is he ready. He tries to grope at my titties but I keep pulling back. Finally, we go out to his car and I lay on top of him as we kiss and rub our bodies against one another with our clothes still on. He keeps trying to get my bra off under my shirt but he can't seem to manage it. So he keeps rubbing my nipples through the blouse and bra. I ask if we can take a break and grab another one of his cigarettes. I stood outside the car smoking and saw him pull his pants down. His cock looked great and I felt like I wanted to touch it. I grabbed his cock while leaning in through the window and start rubbing it up and down. I only got about three strokes and it starts spurting cum all over the place. I didn't really want to get the cum on me but it felt really good all over my hand and I licked my hand to see what it tasted like. It was pretty good. He wanted me to get in the car and fuck him but I had enough for one night. I went home and rubbed my pussy thinking about his dick spurting cum.

Cum on my hand

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