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ass fuck

Sex = Male
Where it happened = his house
Language = English
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we were on his couch after school, his head in my lap my hands tangled in his hair. opera was blaring in the other room. he rubbed my stomach lightly and i bent over to kiss him, lips parted. his sweet lips caressed my mouth as i sucked his toungue. my juices flowed. we were only friends. he led my hand to his zipper, where i proceeded to calmly and cooly pull it down, my other hand parting the fold of his cotton boxers to free his throbbing penis. my tiny hands curled appreciatively around his thick shaft as i stroked. he moaned and lifted my shirt to greet with his lips my pink nipples. we were only friends pushed to lust by boredom. i stood up, removing my shirt in a fluid motion, tossing it lightly to the floor, he watched and did the same, also pulling off his lower garments. i dropped to my knees and looked up at him, slowly licked my red lips as he sighed with anticipation. i traced circles on the head while he caressed my naked shoulders. i played with his balls gently with my hand, i could feel them tighten lovingly. i engulfed his entire manhood with one movement, never losing eye contact. i paused momentaily to suck my finger and then slowly inserted it into his ass, he groaned and i proceeded to finger fuck him while my head moved up and down on his shaft. he roughly grabbed my head, pulling my hair and forcing me with his hand to do his will. i kept eye contact and catered to his desires. the opera was intoxicating, he spurt his seed into my throat, i swallowed with a smile. he kissed me deeply, and removed my jeans. we moved onto the floor, my legs around his torso, him sitting. he inserted two fingers into my pussy, slowly, and my cunt greeted his fingers with a soft sigh. he then slammed four fingers into me, i screamed with passionate delight as he moved them inside of me. i was being split apart. i screamed for more and he pulled his wet fingers out of me, only to cup his hand and push all of it into me. my juice poued out of me, i was moved to tears, crying for more. he fucked me with his hand, slowly. i could see his wrist moving in and out of my cunt. i was so full and satisfied. he then pulled his hand out and stuck two sopping wet fingers into my asshole. it ached but felt incredible. i spread my asscheeks for him and welcomed his fingers. he pulled his fingers out and put my legs on his shoulders. positioning just right he thrust hard into my tiny asshole, i screams but it felt so good. he pumped in and out, in and out. i could see it all, especially the look on his face, complete lust. i lost is, and spasmed all over his beautiful cock, then i could see him grimace and he moaned as he shot his seed deep inside my asshole. we collapsed in an embrace and fell asleep. we are only friends.

ass fuck

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