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my first time was with a boy i hardly knew. i was standing infront of my bedrrom window looking out to the yard. i had just come from the shower and was not wearing anything. i let my hand go down on my body over what little peach fuzz i had. what i didn't know was that a friend of my brothers had come upstairs to get something and stopped whenhe saw me.(left my door open because i thought no one was around) when i saw him all i could think of was how much did he see. he said to me "aren't you a naughty girl". then he came over to me and asked if he could see the rest of my body. being scared i said ok if you don't tell anyone. after a while he had me lay on my bed and open my legs, when he put his fingers in me i thought i was going to die. i think i went into a daze because it wasn't until i felt him going in me that i realized i was loosing my cherry. it hurt so much at first that i wondered if we were doing it wrong. when he finished he gave me a slap across my bare ass and said that he had better get back to my brother before he came looking for him. not the way i thought my first time would be.



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