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My name is Kellie. For my 14th birthday, which falls right in the middle of summer, I took my only in-town friend, Josh, with me to a local amusement park. Josh and I had always had just a friendly relationship. In fact, we'd never even really hugged each other, let alone do anything sexual. But I was secretly in love with Josh and I had heard from my friends that my feelings for Josh were mutual. We went on all the rides together, and we enjoyed ourselves immensely. However, there was one ride we had not been on, which was the tunnel of love. Corny, yes, but an interesting place for a first sexual experience with Josh. I cracked a joke about Josh's ex-girlfriend: "Have you and little Ms.Wonderbra been on that ride?" Josh smirked, but I could tell that he was thinking about something else. Both of us were too embarassed to crack the ice, but luckily someone else did it for us. "Are you two lovebirds gonna go on that ride or what?"
"We're not lovebirds." Josh replied, but then, with a devilish gleam in his eye, he dragged me to the line where we stood for ten minutes.
They let us on the ride. Awkwardly, we glanced at each other as the ride progressed through the dark tunnel. Couples all around us were making out. I was shocked when Josh took my head in his hand and started kissing my lips. I returned the kiss, and suddenly our tongues were in each other's mouths and we were passionately making out. I slid my hand in his shorts and jerked him off. He was already incredibly hard, but I somehow managed to get him to his full 8 inches (I was surprised by the immense size of it). He slid his hand up my shirt and copped a quick feel before I redirected his aching hand into my panties where he could do some real work on me. He slid his finger in me and started fiddling my clit. I moaned but was too embarassed to scream with pleasure. We desperately wanted to continue but the ride ended and we hopped off, both of us hornier than we'd ever been in our lives.
We raced to the public bathroom before anyone could see his raging hard-on or my shorts, saturated by my throbbing, wet, hot pussy.
As soon as we entered, we bolted the door shut and ripped off all our clothes while still making out ferverishly. We went at it quickly, passionately, Josh rubbing his hands all over my curvy but skinny body, getting harder by the second. He dropped to his knees and worked his tongue into my pussy. I screamed with pleasure. It was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced. His tongue was in my pussy for a good ten minutes. I came to orgasm at least twice in that period of time. Josh was incredible. I was dripping wet and so hot I would explode.
I returned the favour by getting on my knees. I took the shaft into my hands and licked the top of the dick, making circles around the tiny hole at the top. I concentrated on licking the male-g-spot and then, finally I took the whole shaft into my mouth. I allowed my saliva to cover the dick, so that it was wet. I bobbed my head up and down, sucking hard, each time I went down taking the entire dick in my mouth until my nose was in his bush. He was throbbing and holding on to the walls of the stall for support. He exploded in the back of my throat and I swallowed it heartily. He started screaming with pleasure as he came again, and finally I lifted my head up. We switched positions and, realizing that the stall was too small for us to fuck, we went outside and then locked the main door of the entire bathroom. I mounted the sink and turned on the water. The sink was such that if I sat facing the mirror I could let the water pour into my pussy and then lean backwards to take Josh's dick into my mouth. We did just that. I sucked his dick while I got pleasure from the running water hitting my clit and making me tremble. I turned around and spread my legs apart. He moved forward and allowed his cock to enter my sweet pussy. His throbbing, hard cock entered my hot wet pussy and I screamed. It hurt a lot, but it was an amazing sensation. I felt tingles up and down my spine. He put his hands on my waist and concentrated on getting his whole dick in me. We succeeded and suddenly he thrust his head back and screamed as he filled me up with cum. He removed his dick from me and laughed. "That was something." he said. It sure was.
We washed up, put our clothes back on, and left the bathroom. We've been fucking ever since then.

Do I make you horny, baby?

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