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My Cousin

Sex = Male
Where it happened = backyard under tree
Language = English
Refnum = 21397
When I was 25 I had just gotten back from Desert Storm. My 16 year old cousin Sarah had been very worried and wasn't relieved until I got home. We spent all day talking and I noticed that she seemed more maturly built than the last time I had seen her. Anyway we were out on a blanket watching the stars and everyone else had gone to bed. I leaned over and kissed her. It shocked her but, she didn't resist when I kissed her back. She finally started returning the kiss. Then I let my hand wander down to her breast. She gasped and pulled back. I gently pulled her to me and kept feeling her. Soon, she was aroused. I pulled her shirt off and her bra. Her little titties looked good and the nipples were quickly hard from the night air. I pulled her jogging pants off and her panties and quickly undressed. As I started to mount her she was mumbling about how it was wrong and maybe we shouldn't. I flicked her clit with my penis head and she moaned. I started feeding in my penis. I broke her hymen and soon bottomed out. I slowly stroked in and out. She came soon as I flicked her clit as I fucked her. I felt my orgasm approaching. I knew she wasn't on the pill. When My orgam hit me I shoved in deep and filled her up anyway. She protested about that but I fuckerd her twice more that night and came inside her each time. She said something the second time too. But, the third time she resigned to the fact that I was going to do it. We now have a 7 year old girl and are married.

My Cousin

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