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Sex = Male
Where it happened = My parents living room
Language = English
Refnum = 2147
We were watching tv. I turned it onto a slight porno, not thinking
about what was going to happen. She moved slowly towards me,
sliding gracefully down the couch, to sit at my side. She began
kissing my neck, then began nibbling on my ears. That was the
breaking point. I turned to her and began kissing her, while pulling
her shirt up over her head. I unfastened her bra and began playing
with her breasts. She unzipped my pants, then slowly slid then down to
the floor. Then, she slowly moved down towards my rock-hard penis,
and began to give me a blow job. I was so close to coming right there.
We then moved to the floor, and started dry fucking (sex w/ no
actual penetration). After about fifteen minutes of that, I finally
penetrated. It was the most climactic point in me entire life (other
than filling her sweet vagina with my cum). She actually made me
see start and mountains and streams while having sex. I love you always,


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