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muff diver

Sex = Female
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My friend and I had gotten a little drunk and she was taking of her clothes. I watched her and imagined eating her out. She took off her bra and I started to lick her tits. I moved down and pulled down her panties. I spread her legs apart and began to kiss her pussy. I could fel her gtting wet and I kept licking. Her pussy tasted so good. She rubbed her tits while I tongue fucked her pussy and she was wiggling all over my bed. She moaned and I shoved my tongue deep inside her. She reached over and grabbed my vibrator. She handed it to me and I put it in her slowly, she moaned louder and came while I was fucking her with the vibrator. Then it was my turn. She spread my legs apart wide and fingered my wet pussy. She shoved the vibrator deeeep inside me and I moaned. She pulled it out and ate me out until I came in her mouth. Then we kissed as we rubbed eachothers tits and pussies. We still fuck on occasion...we've done it in her car, in my pool, in front of her boyfriend and we've recently had a threesome with her step-brother. I just can't stop eating that pussy!

muff diver

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