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Sex = Male
Where it happened = Memphis, TN
Language = English
Refnum = 20653
This girl Kimmy and I were on the riverfront in downtown Memphis because i was leaving to go back to Kansas and we were really in love. She said she had a present for me and when we got back to her house (her mother was in Montana at the time) she went down on me. This wasn't my first experience with oral sex but it was my best to date. Then after an intense experience of foreplay, she pulled a condom out of her drawer and ask me " do you want to help me lose my virginity"? So i answered " of course!" enthusiastically. By the time we got finished the covers were a love swamp and she said it was the best experience of her life. I went back to Memphis for a week in July and found her. We went out every night and were inseprable while I was there. I had the best sex of my life in July.


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