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Son of the earth

Sex = Male
Where it happened = On Earth
Language = English
Refnum = 20651
Josephine is studying in the same college as I am. Some day before graduation, her only kin died. She was so sad and I cheer her out because she was very inferior to herself and I'm one of the few whom she befriends and only I know of this problem, I sympathy with her but to be true I admire her because she is kinda beautiful but not too much with a desirable figure. I helped her anyway she wanted. One day, she suddenly came to my apt, asked me why do I help her so much? I told her you're my good friend and I ought to help her when she lost almost everything. She was quite poor($) furthermore her kin departure from this world. So she asked me if I love her, I said yes. She said she love me too. So she asked me if I wanna fuck her. I said yes. She undress herself and I fuck her. Today, she's my wife and is pregnant for 4 months. Thanks Josephine, I love you.

Son of the earth

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