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Sex = Male
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Language = English
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Well, I had known this girl for quite a while around town.
She used to cut my hair in fact. And we were the same age.
One night I got off of work from the restraunt where I
worked, and my friends and I went to a local bar that stayed
open till 5:00AM. When we were in there I ran into her. We
talked some, and then started groping each other in the
middle of the bar. I could feel her thong through her dress.
She had this glitter all over her sexy body. I was
extremely drunk at the time and she invited me back to her
place. Of course I went. She then gave me a drink of juice
and basically got naked. She told me she sucked great cock,
so I said why don't you show me. She went down on me, and was
fairly good, but she kept scraping my cock with her teeth, I
did not like that so much. She then grabbed my hand and we
went into her bedroom. I laid her down and used my nonexistent
pussy eating skills, she clamped my head between her legs, so
I must have done something right. I then took my seven inch
cock and slid it into her. We rolled over and she rode me until
we both came. We then fell asleep. Later that night I woke
up with a hardon, and she rode me again. I left the next morning,
expecting never to have sex with her again, but then I went into
a strip club about a year later, and there she was working.
We had sex a few times after, but never a relationship, and
we haven't seen each other in years.


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