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Mrs. Hot Pussy

Sex = Male
Where it happened = my bedroom
Language = English
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It was a spring day and I didn't feel like going to school
so I told my mom I didn't feel very good and stayed home
from school. Well we had this neighbor that would always
come over and visit my mom and have coffee in the mornings.
She was 27, married and had four kids,she had gorgeous big
tits,and a cute little ass. This morning after visiting
with my mom for a while, she came into my room, leaving mom
in the kitchen to do her work. She sat next to me and said"
Oh poor boy doesn't feel very good, here let me make you
feel better. Before I could do anything or say anything,she
reach down and grabbed my crotch. She wore this sheer
negligee and I could see her nice tits thru it. She rubbed
her hand on my dick over the sheet. She then lay down next
to me,grabbed my hand and placed it on her puss. Nothing
like this had ever happened to me, I was in heaven. She slid
her hand under my boxers and began stroking my hard dick.
I reached down and slipped her panties off and exposed a
very beautiful site, her cunt had very little hair. She
pulled me on top of her and we kissed passionaely. I some
how found myself between her spread legs. She reached down
and gently placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her
hot juicy cunt, and whispered in my ear,"Fuck me, put your
rod in me". I can still feel the way her pussy felt as I
eased my dick in her wanton cunt. I buried it to the nuts
and stayed there without moving for some time just savoring
the moment,she was so wet and hot,I never imagined it would
be this heavenly. I was so excited I was shaking like crazy.
I started pumping her cunt,everytime I pulled out her cunt
I swear would suck my dick back in. Being my first time I
didn't last very long. I felt this feeling deep inside my
nuts, I just had to release. I felt my whole body go into
spasms as I unloaded what seemed like a quart of cum deep
inside her eager cunt. She had a devilish smile on her face
she knew that she just fucked a cherry. She took my hand
in hers and let me feel where some of my cum had oozed out
of her cunt and said "You sure made a mess" with a grin on
her face. She got up out of bed and pulled me up, saying
"Your not quite done yet". She bent over, with her hands
on the bed and instructed me to get behind her. I so young
and full of cum that I was still rock hard. I clumbsily
got behind her, she reach over and guided my dick into her
hole. She was shorter than me, so when she was spread legged
as she was and bent over, my cock was just at the right
height and angle for perfect penetration. She was still
wearing her negligee, I just pushed it up to expose her
nice round ass. I grabbed her by the hips and started
thrusting in and out of her slurping cunt. She reached back
and played with her clit as I was slamming my cock into her
cunt. I felt like the king of the world,there fucking this
beautiful pussy. She started to breath heavy, her tits
were bouncing around as I franticly slammed in and out of
her. I felt myself ready to squirt again. I remember grab-
bing her tight by the hips and ramming my dick up as far as
I could,I got weak kneed as I filled her cunt with another
load of cum. At the same time she was moaning and groaning
as she frantically finger her clit and squeezing my dick
with her cunt so tight that to this day I have never felt.
We were done. She sneeked out of the house. I kept her
panties and slept with them under my pillow for weeks after
that. I stayed in bed just thinking how lucky I was,smelling
my fingers. We fucked every chance we got for about a year.
She totally broke me in. She would let me titty fuck her,
fuck her in the ass,suck my cock, let me eat her, she did
with me what she wanted. Then one day she caught me fucking
her 13 yr old daughter and she would never have anything to
do with me again. I still have her panties. I hope my wife
never finds them. I still see her around town every now and
then. She's approaching 60 but I think I might still want
to fuck her for old times sake.

Mrs. Hot Pussy

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