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Big Cock

Sex = Male
Where it happened = At a park
Language = English
Refnum = 19935
Well, it was a hot sunny day. Me and this solid guy were
sitting on a bench. I was signing his yearbook and as I was
signing it, he was rubbing my pussy. I was getting really horny,
so we went under a tree. I couldn't stop kissing him because his
lips were so soft and I would suck on them all day and night.
I grabbed his cock and it was sooooo big, it drove me crazy.
We took turns doing things, I gave him head and he fingered me. It
felt so good, I just wanted fuck right then and there. I wanted him to cum
so, I gave him head until he came in my mouth. When I was done
swallowing, I licked the cum off of his cock. I waited too long
so I was ready to fuck. I took of my pants and he put it in gently,
it felt so good, I can feel it right now. It hurt for 2 seconds,
but pain and pleasure mix together. I was like heaven. As I was
riding him, there were people at the park, but I didn't care anymore.
My main focus was the action of in and out. I'd never thought I'd
moan, but I did. I couldn't stop, I just wanted to keep on going
forever. That was the best experience of my life and I will never
forget it.

Big Cock

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