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Sex = Male
Where it happened = Holiday Inn
Language = English
Refnum = 19728
I think some of the storys here are to graphic. Love is about how people feel together and I love my husband. Yes I was virgin until we got married two years ago and I am truly glad we waited.
For Kevin and me sex isnt just some animal thing but part of our being together. We talked about birthcontrol before we got married but Kevin and I are serious Catholics and decded that in our marriage we would fllow the churches rules and not use contraceptives.
Our honeymoon was our first sex and it was a beautiful time for us.
Kevin is very potent and loving and according to my diary we had intercourse seventeen times during the two weeks of our honeymoon. We came home to rest up.
Our son, Patrick was conceived on our honeymoon and is now six months old and just this week I have discovered I am pregnant again. Yes we are very much in love.


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