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The Erotic Woods

Sex = Female
Where it happened = In the woods
Language = English
Refnum = 19650
I was at a school dance with my date lets call him Jimmy. We went to the woods to have a cigarette they were behind the school football feild. He kissed me it was the sweetest thing I had ever felt, then he stuck his hand up my dress I didn't know what to do at first but then I decided to go with the flow. I stuck my hand on his big swollen cock. It was so hard, I laid on the ground there was a small pile of leaves that made a nice little bed. He started slowly by licking my pussy it was so great I was about to scream Oh GOD the feeling the wetness, I wanted to give him the pleausure he had givin me so I pulled his big cock out of his pants I was kind of ough but I knew he was enjoying it I began to lick at first just softly then I started to suck it tasted great up and down all in my mouth I was getting a little freaking and started to nibble on his throbing erection I let him cum in mouth mouth a little salty but it was okay. I wanted to get him hard again so I laid back and let him watch me masterbate I had done it before so I knew what I was doing but I had never done it in front of him he became instinly hard again he moved my hand and started to ram my wet pussy "harder and faster" I yelled Oh god just thinking about it again is getting me Hot. He did everything right in and out so hard I thought I was gonna scream. Then I heard myself"Oh Jimmy Oh Jimmy" then he shout a big waud of cum on my stomach and we laid there heavely beathing in slience.

The Erotic Woods

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