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the girl next door

Sex = Male
Where it happened = her house
Language = English
Refnum = 19609
One day my friend sister from next door called me over.She would'nt tell me why so over i went. she greeted me at the door but when i saw her she wear only a robe i gulped then replied "with you wanted something". yeah she said closing the blinds you then she dropped the robe there she was naked head to toe,she the grabbed my jeans and began to take them off she grabbed my hard cock and started sucking on it.i soon blew my load all over her and begged me to eat her out. i put my tonuge in her moisten pussy and she moanned harder each time.then she pushed me down and rode my cock like a buck'n bronco and shoot my load severly times then she got off and got on her knees and asked me to do it doggie style this went on for thirty minutes and it was great.

the girl next door

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