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I get paid to do wildthing!

Sex = Male
Where it happened = travel lodge hotel
Language = English
Refnum = 19161
I was a 21 year old mail who was very shy and lonely. I was
terrible at picking up girls and had only kissed and fingered a few. I couldnt stand the thought of reaching 21
years old and never having sex. So i went to a strip club and immediately a fine looking young lady of 22 years old
approaches me. So i bought her a drink and she offers to give me a couch dance for $10. When she was dancing over top
of me she dropped her panties and i could see the shaved pussy over me and i remember saying "Your boyfriend is a lucky man." She told me that she hadnt seen him in a while and that she hadnt had sex with him in a couple of months. I asked if she could squeeze me into her agenda. She said "Yes but I'm not free." It was an instant turn on. Finally a
woman that would let me fuck her and go away without any attachments. So she called me about 3 days later and we agreed to meet in downtown Cinti. I remember picking her up
in the bar and we walked down the street the nervousness that was beginning to build up inside me. "How many guys lose their cherry to a straight up fucking whore??" It didnt seem right, but never the less I was still getting excited at the thought of my 1st piece of pretty ass. We got back to the hotel and I paid her $150. So We both started to undress and she started giving me head. I entered her and it really was not as good as I thought it would be. I was disappointed in my self for doing this. I came but it was no better than jacking off. My message is this, "Do it when you feel you genitals getting ready when youre still in your clothes!!"

I get paid to do wildthing!

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