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Sex = Male
Where it happened = My B/F house
Language = English
Refnum = 19120

I was at my B/f house and we where watching movies, his
parents where in there romm watching a movie with the door
shut. He ask me if I had ever been fingered, so I told him yes. He ask me if I wanted him to, so me being horny said
yes. I laying on the couch and he was sitting on the side
facing me, he moved my shirt up and slide his hand down my
pants and started playing with my clit. Then he slide his
fingers down a little further and in me, he moved his
fingers in and out slow at first and then got faster. I
moved my hand over his pants and undid them and pulled his
dick out and started rubbing it. I then turned over on my
side and spread my legs and started sucking his dick while
he was fingering me. He said we needed to chill out because he was afraid his parents would come out. So we stoped and where watching our movie. About 15min after we stopped his parents came out and said they where going to run to the
mall for a while, we said ok. They left and we gave them
about 10 min to make sure they where gone. He took my hand and lead me down the hall to his room. He pushed me back
on his bed and kneeled over me. Then he pulled my pants
down and spread my legs, I slipped off my shirt aand bra.
Then he started kissing my neck, and made his way down to
my belly button and then I soon felt his tounge on my clit. He moved it around and up and I soon felt him enter me
with his tounge. Then he kissed his way back up and ask me if I would suck his dick, I said yes. He turned over and
laid on his back. I kneeled over him and kissed my way
down his chest, and soon found myself at his dick. I slid
him into my mouth and moved my head up and down, he soon
came and I felt it shoot in the back of my throat. There
was enough that I couldn't swallow it all, so some of it ran out the corners of my mouth. I pulled him out and looked into his green eyes, and he ask me if I wanted to go all the way, i said yes. He got off the bed and got into his desk and grabed a condom. He put it on his dick and had me get on the bed on my hands and knees. I felt his dick move around on my lips. He started moveing my clit around, then he moved himself down ad slowly pushed himself into me. He grabed my hips and pulled me back and forth, it felt so good. By this time I had cum about 6 times. He pulled out of me and layed on his back, I climbed on to him and put him in me, i moved up and down, it felt so good. He would arch his back evertime he came. I road him for a while and the we rolled over because I was tierd and he finished the sex part off. Then we finish each other off by fingeing and rubbing. That's my story. My B/F and I are now engaged and plan on getting married in july.

Hot pussy

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