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Gang Bang

Sex = Male
Where it happened = friends party
Language = English
Refnum = 1916
My friend, Joanne, told me we should go to this party. It
was to get together with some guys from the football team.
Joanne was dating one of the guys. She introducted me to
one of the players. We had a few drinks and he asked me to
dance with him. I was feeling a little bit of the liquor and
he was really holding me close. When we danced his buldge was
rubbing against me which made me very horney. After a while
he took me by the hand to the upstairs bedroom. We kissed and he
played with my breast. When he grabbed my pusey he drove
me crazy. He unzipped his pants and this tremendous prick
appeared. Dennis grabed my legs and put them over his sholder
and stuck his huge dick in my pussey. With a quick shove he
burried it in me. After only a few strokes he filled me with
his cum and then jumped off. Four of his friends were now
in the room. Soon I had a dick in my mouth and one in my
pussey. All four fucked me, I did't come but I was sore and
dripping from all the cum. The last guy came in my mouthln
My first time was not that great as they simply keep stroking
my pussey until they came. I was sore for two days.

Gang Bang

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