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Sexy fat bitch

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Her house
Language = English
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One day I went round my friends house, and when I went in his mum was hoovering on the stairs. I asked her if Mark was in. "He is in his room" She said.
Mark's mum was a fat woman, with a huge arse, massive breasts, short blonde hair- wasn't particularly attractive but for some reason I had had feelings for her since I was nine. She had treated me like her own son.
I went into his room- he was not there. I turned round to see his Mum, (who was called Jane) "He isn't here..." I said. "I know..." she said. She continued... "I want to do something to you, X (I'm not using my real name). If you don't want to be part of it, it's up to you. But if you do I will help you through it, and help you"
I walked up to her, and smiled. "I think I know what you are talking about..." I said, stroking her hair. "You...You want sex?" "I want to fuck you so hard you die" I said. "X!" She replied. "You are a naughty boy! Come to my room and lets have sex..."
We went in. Jane got all this leather stuff out, including a whip. "I've wanted to do this for months" she said. I walked up to her and softly touched her face. "Why didn't you tell me sooner...All the sex we could have had." "We'll have to catch up, then!" Jane giggled.
"I'm going to change. DON'T touch me till I say so"
I watched her change. Her breasts looked so succulent and her vagina was nicely shaven.
Then she stood in front of me, clad in leather. I kissed her neck. She arched her head back and put her arm round me. She undressed me slowly. "Hey! Not bad for a 14 year-old!" She said. She then got down on her knees. "Ever had one of these before?" She asked. "No" I replied. "Then get ready for a tender touch that only I can give you!"
She teased the end of my penis with her tounge. It grew even bigger. "Now we're talking!" She said.
She sucked so hard. After five minutes she yanked my balls and I came, And how.
"Now I'm gonna tie you to the bed," she said. She whipped me for 1/4 of an hour. It felt good. She then took her leather knickers off, leaving a big juicy pussy hole. I was tied down, but she sat on my erect cock and started gyrating on it. I wanted to touch her, but I couldn't. Eventually with one amazing pull of strength I broke free and fondle her pert breasts. "You want me so BAD!" she said. I licked and suckked them all over, they were so good!
Then I shot my load up her pussy, and she just screamed so loud.
We waited an hour, and fucked again, in her bed.
Four years on, I'm still fucking her. Her son still doesn't know. We have sex on average nine times a week. We are thinking of buying a house together.

Sexy fat bitch

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