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Nympho Nun

Sex = Male
Where it happened = In a church
Language = English
Refnum = 18839
My first time was so whacked. Hope I don't offend anybody.
I was at a Catholic church during the week, kinda just looking
around. It was a monster of a cathedral and had really cool
looking architecture. That's why I was there, just sight
seeing really. One of the sisters came up to me and asked
if I needed any help with anything. Just curious I replied.

Would you like for me to show you around she asked. OK, I'd go
for a guided tour. She proceeded to show me the whole place,
explaining this that and the other thing. Now, I don't know
what comes to your mind when you think of the word "Nun" but
this one didn't fit my stereotype. She had the face of an
angel and a sexy voice.

At one point in the tour, down in a basement area or alcove
or something like that we sat down and talked a bit.
I asked her if she'd always been a nun or what. She shared
with me that she had only recently become a nun (about 2 years)
ago. What did you do before this. She was embarrassed to talk
much about her previous life but eventually I found out that she
used to be a topless dancer. WOW.

Being the horny toad that I am, I pressed for more details about
her and about the other nuns and if they were all celebate. She
shared that many of the women had decided to become nuns after
having lived life. I became bold and asked her if she missed
anything, like going to movies, dancing, dating, sex... She just
laughed and said "yes, of course. Nuns are people too."

I said that one question I had to know, because everybody wants
to know, is what do Nuns wear under their habits... This kinda
put her off balance, but she said anything that they wanted to.
I asked her if she every wore sexy, kinky stuff like what she
used to wear as a dancer. She said sometimes and also she sometimes
wore nothing. I was majorly horny by now.

I asked her if she was wearing anything under her habit now. She
just stared at me for a bit and then asked why I wanted to know.
Just curious, you just look way to beautiful and sound too sexy to
be a nun. She said she was still far from perfect and would slip
up once in a while. I asked her if she missed having sex, presuming
that she had been sexually active before becoming a nun. She said
it was tough at times because she was just in her peak sexually. Meaning
she was thirty something. I asked her if she thought God would
be pissed if she had sex again. She said God is forgiving.

At this point, it was now or never so I told her I wanted to find out
for myself if she was wearing anything... She stood up, looking shocked
and a little embarrassed. I told her that I thought she was
beautiful. Too beautiful to resist. Shyly she turned away from me.
Like a dork I stepped up behind her and put my hands on her shoulders,
pressing my bulge against her ass. She didn't move a muscle for a
second, but then she moaned every so softly and press back against me.

I dropped my hands to her very firm, very large breasts. She started to
breathe heavily as I fondled her. Her hips started grinding
against my cock. My right hand worked down to her crotch, stroking her
and feeling her her through the habit. I could tell she was
getting wet. I bent her over, standing behind her grinding into her
ass. Just dry humping her.

Then I lifted up her skirt to see that she was wearing stockings and a
garter belt. She was also wearing a black thong. I knelt down behind
her and kissed and licked her ass cheeks, her legs and her thighs.
My hands were roving all over her and she was very wet, I tasted her
pussy, pushing her thong over to the side. I couldn't believe I was
going to score on a nun, and a great looking nun too.

She pulled her underwear off and stepped out of them as I dropped my jeans.
My cock was sticking almost straight up. Although I am only average in
length, most women find me to be much thicker than other men. I told her
I wanted to watch her give me head and she did it, sitting down on the
bench. She was awesome and pretty experienced by my account.
After a couple minutes I had her stand up. Asking her "Will you forgive me?"
I had her stand facing the wall and spread her feet apart.

I hiked up her habit so I could see her firm ass. Positioning myselft
behind her, I grabber her tits and told her to stand on her tip toes.
I whispered "forgive me" as I pulled her down on my shaft.
She tried to stifle her groan as she took me into her dripping
wet pussy. Obviously she was extremely horny from her abstinence.
She may have done without for a while, but she knew what to do.
We got into a good, grinding rythm right away.

We tried several positions, standing, sitting, kneeling, doggie style,
no 69 though. I was having a great time and did too, having 2 orgasims
and working towards a third. I was sitting on the bench with her
facing me. I asked if she would like getting fucked in the ass. She
said that it was something she always thought about but never had the
nerve to do. I told her that she'd gonna learn now.

Clutching my neck she raised up and off my cock. I repositioned it
so when she sat back down it slid up her ass. I told her it
would be tight, but just to relax and take it slow. She tried
easing herself down a couple times but she was too tense. I told her to
kiss me full on the mouth. As she frenched me, I pulled her shoulders down
towards me and that caused her to spread her ass and take me. She
screamed in my mouth, but I just pushing up with my hips until all
of me was in her ass. Soon we got into a grinding rythm and then
she started to moan and breath hard. I told her to come and I would come
with her. We came almost at the same time. I shot her ass full of
semen. It was an awesome fuck.

After we were done, she let me keep her thong underwear as
a momento of the time we shared.

Nympho Nun

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