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my brothers friend

Sex = Female
Where it happened = my room
Language = English
Refnum = 18593
My brother's friend who was 2 years older than me spent the
night with him.

In the middle of the night I heard someone go down the hall
to the bathroom. I opened my door so I could see who it was
when he went back.

As I hoped, it was not my brother, but his friend. He was
in his shorts and stopped when he reached my door. There was
enough moonlight through the window to see each other.

He seen that I was awake and from the doorway that he thought
that my door had been closed when he went by. I smiled and
said that it had been.

He stood there for a moment and then took a step inside. When
I didn't say anything he came on over and sat on the edge
of my bed.

I could see a bulge start to appear in his shorts, and
he seen that I was watching it. He pulled my cover back and
seen that I was in panties only.

He crawled under the covers with me and after cuddling a
while he taught me how to french kiss. It wasn't long till I
was wet and hot, and he pulled my panties down without me
resisting, then he pulled his shorts off. I had never seen
a dick untill that time.

It appeared awesome. I didn't think it would go in me.
After several minutes of pushing, it finally slid in me. He
came rather quickly and left me still horny.

my brothers friend

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