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Female Ejaculation

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the following letter was an experience that was communicated to
me from another world; another time where dreams and
fantasy become reality. i met nikkie in a chat room some
time ago and, needless to say, was pleased if not taken
aback by her reaction. i won't bother u with it though so
u can get on with the reading. but as u read keep one
thing in mind: it is honesty and true freedom that makes
the first time the BEST time for any girl or boy.
nikkie deserved this. and now i'm sharing it with all of you.

> last night i had a dream that u met me in this low lit
> room...i was under the sheets and i was very cold...
> u came closer and there was this light behind u and i
> could see that u had on only this thin loose dress...
> as u came close the strong, soft backlight allowed me
> to see the curve of your hips...the sultry dip if your
> waist, and the swell of your beautiful breasts on either
> side of your chest as u approached me with your arms
> held apart widely enough to let the light come through.
> the light sharpened your firm, body for my hungry eyes
> as i lay shivering.
> as u came closer i noticed the length and strength of
> your legs...your thighs grazing past one another with a
> light, fleshy whisper...yet u did not speak or make a
> sound. above your knee the skin kissed and made the
> light flash in a sensuous rhythym in time with the
> calm, warm swaying of your hips...but at the top...there
> where the flesh joins in a moist and fragrant union the
> light remained unbroken...silohuetting for my starving
> gaze the outline of your flower and shooting the scent
> of u into my brain and into the flaming pit of my loins.
> as i lay trembling, watching u approach, i thought i
> could see a glistening, pearlesque drop of your essence,
> your nectar drip into the undulating darkness...and i
> swore i could taste u 4 the briefest moment...i thought
> perhaps i had smelled u but i was not sure.
> u stopped at the brink of where i lay...silent and i saw
> your hair, the light playing in the dark folds before it
> settled softly onto the retina of my eyes. i could not
> see your face but managed 2 catch a shard of light that
> knicked your eyes and glistened a friendly, glowing
> warmth into my chilly soul.
> i pulled the sheet back and u gracefully floated down
> on to my cool skin...wrapping your arms immediately
> around my neck...nestling your face under my chin into
> my chest. your breasts parted and their firmness seemed
> to hold me, comfort me; the hardness of your small
> nipples against my cold chest igniting me deep inside.
> i felt them as they grew even harder against if
> u could sense the fire growing in us.
> i shrouded u in my arms and held u closely inside myself
> my finger tips tracing hot trails along your arms and
> back...caressing the small of your back...your tiny body
> felt like lava settling and cooling on my body. i
> tickled the infant-like hair in the low part of you back
> and tracked it down the furrow of your firm, lovely
> buttocks with one hand while the other held gently and
> caringly the back of your head and the softness of your
> sweet hair...softly massaged the back of your neck and
> shoulders.
> your legs parted and eveloped my body in a strong, hot
> embrace...i felt your breath quicken against my ear...
> u held me tighter and began to kiss my neck hungrily.
> your nipples became hotter and firmer against my chest
> and u burrowed your breasts ever deeper into my body...
> u kissed your way up my neck to my cheek then to my lips
> and your soft tongue probed mine with volcanic desire...
> i kissed u like u were a virgin...carefully and
> resrained but with a starved longing that shook my very
> brain. i was on fire now~burning from precious beauty.
> with one hand u reached behind your head and stripped
> the thin cloth from your body and as your legs clutched
> at my hips 4 the first time i noticed the centre of my
> self glowing red hot, my hard maleness was swelling like
> the rising mountains...growing thicker and hotter. u
> pressed your hips and your crotch against mine with
> unstudied abandon...not to touch...but to feel...your
> wetness coated my stomach then u trailed your flower up
> my pole...glazing it with your thick, warm girl-cum.
> i noticed then as you hips moved back and your thighs
> moved down the length of my body that your thighs were
> slick with that same sweet juice that had run down from
> your beatiful pool after u took off your gown. i
> groaned near the edge of losing control and grabbed one
> of your firm bumcheeks in each hand and sqeezed them as
> i pulled u down on to me. i kissed your lips lightly
> as if to gain control from u.. throbbing member,
> sticky and restingon your inner thigh as i berathed and
> panted against your breasts
> "please kiss my tits," you sighed. your chest heaving in
> an offering gesture with your berathing. i kissed one
> breast lightly at first...then the other while cupping
> one with my left hand and the other hand still squeezing your
> left buttock...i took a nipple in my mouth and sucked it
> gently...letting my tongue flick it's hardness and
> snapping it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.
> at the same time my right hand moved down the crack of
> your ass...tickling your bumhole a little...then down to
> the warm wetness of your womanhood...sucking your nipple
> and sliding one finger inside u from behind, i moved to
> your other breast...u breathed quickly and pulled my
> head closer moving your hips bach so that my finger slid
> deeper into your hot hole.
> "bite it," u breathed the words heavily, your head tilt-
> ed back. i took your nipple between my teeth an rolled
> it from side to side lightly.
> "harder," u asked. i bit down firmly and stroked my
> finger inside u. u moaned like an angel and i thought
> i would cry at witnessing your beautiful pleasure.
> "Uhhhhn, Ohhh i want u inside me now!" u pleaded almost
> and slid back. my finger made a wet popping sound as
> it slipped out of u, it was soaked in your sex. u found
> my hardness without using your hand and slid up the
> length of it. the head rested against your lips and you
> wiggled slightly so that they parted and sort of wrapped
> around my shaft...and then u slid slowly about 3 or 4
> inches down...then up...and wiggled slightly again...
> then u slid up and rocked your hips forward so that the
> mouth of your pussy just kissed the tip of my dick...and
> u waited there...taunting me...perhaps taunting yourself
> also.. hands were now poised on your hips as u sat
> above me...kissing me lightly with your body...
> "put one hand on the base of your dick so it doesn't
> bend or slip out of the way," u said.
> "okay." i moved one hand down and kept the other on
> your hip .
> once again u wiggled your body gently from side 2 side
> and made sure the tip of my pole was right where u want-
> ed it...and i could feel the tension mount in our bodies
> as u quivered there and leaned down to kiss my lips one
> time...without moving a centimeter of muscle below your
> waist...your tongue was sweet with hormones and we kissed
> wildly. i could feel dampness growing where or bodies
> were touching...and beginning to form a heavy pool at
> the tip of my cock...i kneeded your breasts as you
> kissed me and pressed them against my hands...your hips
> quivered with excitement now and we both moaned and
> called eachothers names...
> THEN suddenly u slammed your hips down and my thick,
> hard cock slammed to the hilt deeply into your soaking
> wet pussy. u screamed "Oh My GOD!!!..." and froze there
> with my dick throbbing inside u! i was on the virge of
> cumming because we were both still and i could feel
> your hungry pussy pulsating ang groping at my cock.
> we both trembled violently while gaining trust 4 each
> other.
> "Oh God, u feel sooo good!" i said.
> u just panted... trying to remain still..
> "oh my pussy, i'm Burning up for you!" and u kissed me
> again more gently this time...and slowly started moving
> your beautiful cunt up to the tip of my dick...then ALL
> the way back down...i held your waist with one arm
> and kissed u and caressed your breasts with the other.
> you swirled around on my cock then screwed yourself down
> my length again and again...faster....and faster....
> screwing ...and fucking...i felt dizzy and TIME stood
> still...your pussy gripped me...then quivered...u never
> stopped kisssing me...u just moaned louder as your cunt
> shuddered fastet and faster...then the quivering would
> stop and u would freeze, like u were holding your breath
> then the ryhtym would start again...but u kissed me on
> and on as if the world were ending as we fucked.
> "i want u 2 cum..." u said, and sat up on me. u then
> started rocking your hips forward and backward...with
> this look of determined beauty on your face...bucking
> back and forth ...faster and faster...your tits shaking
> hypnotically...faster...and faster. then your cheeks
> began to flush red and your eyelids grew heavy just as i
> was about to cum...u were sooo pretty like that!
> my heart raced.. dick swelled inside u...i held your
> hips and helped u slide faster and faster.. cock was
> twisting and slamming around inside u and then i felt
> that groping again...your cunt gripping my dick...
> pulsating...trembling around my cock...i was at the end.
> i grabbed your hips and held u down onto me with all my
> strength.. dick throbbed...your cunt shook and shook
> and then froze.
> "OH NIKKIE!!!OH fuck i'm cumming!"
> u were silent and still...holding your breath...your
> pussy frozen around my dick. and then...a large, and
> pronounced spasm of muscle contractions came from deep
> inside a hand caressing my dick firmly but
> much softer than a silk. u fell forward on
> to my chest and gasped,"Oh MonTE!...Oh My Pussy...'
> and a rush of thick, white, gorgeous lady-cum gushed
> out around my cock and all over our bodies...
> your body convulsed on top of me and i held u as tightly
> as i could..."DON"T EVER LET ME GO!" u said as your
> body convulsed...
> "i won't" i said.
> and we both fell asleep.

Female Ejaculation

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