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Fun in the truck

Sex = Male
Where it happened = In the bed of a truck
Language = English
Refnum = 18325
well me and this girl were kind of seeing each othier. we never kissed or groped until one night i saw her walking down the street. I pulled up and asked her if she need a ride she said yes so she got in and we took a cruse around the park. she lend over and started to kiss me i was shocked at frist but then i got into the emotion and started to kiss her back. She slid her hand down my pants and started to rubed my dick and i slid my hand in to her pants and rubed her pussy. Will we had to pull over cause i going all over the road so i whent on a dirt rode and pulled over and killed the lights. We got out of the truck because it so hot. i let down the tail gate and sat down so she told me to pull my dick out so she could suck it so i did what she said. after i cum in her mouth she said she would to ride me so i slid off her pants and panties. I layed back and she stadeled me and slid down on my dick. It was a great felling as she whent up and down until a cumed all in her. After that i took her home and told her that i would she her tomorrow. We never got together but we justed fucked alot and now i do not see her no more.

Fun in the truck

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