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My First Deepthroat

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I had been going out with this guy, Jeremy, for about five months when I decided to surprise him one night. We had never had sex, but he had gone down on me on our one month aniversary. It was great, and to return the favor, I had wasted no time to award him by giving him the first blowjob I had ever given. Since that night, I've become more and more enthralled with the habit of sucking on Jeremy's dick. I love it now. I probably suck him off at least once every two or three times we get together.
One thing, though. He asked me every once in a while to take it all the way back--to deepthroat it. He always said he liked it best when I wrapped my fist around his dick just in front of my mouth, so that it felt like I was taking more of him in my mouth. But one night, I was really getting carried away, slobbering all over his dick, when I started bobbing my head faster than I ever had before. (He wasn't complaining!) I guess I wanted to try something new, so I tried to fit more of his seven-inch cock into the back of my mouth. It bumped against my throat, making me gag at first. I was determined, though, and without hesitating I did it again and again.
He started fucking my face right then. I moaned to him, and it drove him to fuck my mouth harder. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved his entire dick in until it slid part of the way into my throat, and I almost gagged again, but I noticed that I was really enjoying this! So I started sliding the whole thing out, and then slurping it all back in, deepthroating it each time. He began thrusting again, and then Jeremy shoved his big against my throat and held it there. I could see his tensed expression as he came down my throat.
Since then, deepthroating my boyfriend is the thing he still to this day gets the biggest kick out of, even though we have sex all the time.

My First Deepthroat

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