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milky tits

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I was working in the neighbors yard and watching her with her six month old baby. She had just finished breast feeding her an took her inside for a nap. It was hot outside and I was plenty thirsty. Ani ( my neighbor) came back outside and invited me in to cool off. I couldn't believe my luck, she was so fine with her big tits and tight ass and long legs. Her husband was on a business trip to add to my joy. Anyway, I gladly accepted her invitation inside where it was cool. She was starved for some grown up conversation ( and other things I was to find out). One thing led to another once we were alone inside and Ani asked me if I had a girlfriend. I answered no. She said she was glad and that she could give me some attention if I wanted her to. I grinned at that and said Of course..I was getting a hard on. She walked over to me and said, now let's get this straight, you pleasure me and I will pleasure you, right? Right! I answered. With that she pulled her shirt and bra off. Her tits fell out and man were they ever big. You like these,Andy? I'll say, and I reached to squeeze both of them. Oooohh that's nice, now I want you to suck them dry. I was only too glad to oblige. I had wanted to taste her breast milk from the first time I knew her. I opened my mouth and sucked hard on her left nipple, God she tasted fine, sweet and warm. I knew this would take a while. She reached down and started stroking my dick and moaned each time I sucked her tit. Harder, Andy, that's right swallow all of my milk and I will swallow all of your cum. I'm getting so wet, I need to suck your dick. I gladly pushed her head down to my crotch as I was still standing. She pulled my boner out of my pants and sucked hard up and down. I held the back of her head and began to pull her hair in rhythm with her sucking. She had me so close, I told her, Keep that up and I am going to shoot a load in your mouth. She moaned and kept on sucking my dick. I couldn't hold back, and as I grabbed her head to my crotch, I unloaded about a pint of hot come in her mouth. I felt so weak and drained as I pulled my dick free, I suggested we undress and lie in the bed. She was all smiles as she peeled off the rest of her clothes. I couldn't wait to get my hands and mouth on her again. I was going to make this an afternoon she would want to repeat. We made it to the bed, naked and I immediately began to kiss her long and deep and she had her hands all over me. I moved down her neck, kissing her and aiming for her tits, again. I could almost taste them before I got there. She moaned and pulled my head to her right tit and said, its this one's turn..suck it harder than you did the other one and then when you have had enough, we can fuck. I said, I plan on fucking you good but this tit is so full an big, it may take a while. She moaned and forced me to suck her tit. It was a repeat of the first one, it tasted so good, she kept encouraging me by saying things like, yes,baby, suck me, suck me. We were both tripping on this and the more I sucked, the more she wanted me to suck those big hard nipples. I couldn't wait, I pushed my 8 incher into her while I was busy at her tits and this drove hr crazy. She humped up at me each time I sunk my dick into her. I was banging her for all I was worth. I pumped in and out of that tight hot pussy for 30 minutes, sucking all the time before she screamed, I'm cumming, I took this opportunity to let go of her tit and shoot a hot load as deep in her pussy as I could. We lay exhausted for a while in each other's arms. Once I rested I was ready for just a little more, so I kissed her and began rubbing her clit and pussy to make her hot. She felt toward my dick and it also was ready. Before she had time to think, I flipped her onto her stomach, pulled her ass cheeks open and pushed my dick into her ass. She muffled a scream (not to wake the baby) and I fucked her her until I was able to deposit another load of jism into her after about 15 minutes. I pulled out and turned her over and she began to lick my dick clean. She told me it was one of the most wonderful afternoons of her life. I know I will enjoy the yard work more now as I visit her once a week and sometimes more, especially when she needs her tits sucked.
I am more than happy to oblige, and be her baby.

milky tits

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