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Fucking Good

Sex = Male
Where it happened = abandoned cabin
Language = English
Refnum = 17650
While camping out in the woods a few years back we met this other family who was camping a few hundred yards nearby. In that family were the two hottest twin sisters: they were 17, 5'9", about 115 lbs., blonde, and huge D-cup tits.
Well anyway, since we were so close we would talk, all three of us. Whenever the conversation shifted towards sex, it was accompanied by the usual giggles. Then one day we were all out walking in the woods and the girls and I got seperated from the group. It started to rain, and we hurried to find shelter. There was an abandoned, ratty old cabin sitting in the middle of the forest, about a fourth-mile from the trail.
It was rather cramped in there. I comforted them by telling them everying thing is going to be fine, and they'll find us soon. We got real close, and my dick started to get real hard it hurt. One of them noticed and started giggling. The other, however, just happened to be horny that day. She said that she wanted some, and I quickly agreed (what fucking idiot wouldn't?). She began to strip and I did too. Her sister began to touch herself. I pounded here a few times, but we stopped and the other sister joined in, and we had three-way oral sex. The moaning and groaning. They came at least six or seven times each, and I came three times. They would take turns riding my seven-and-half-long-and-two-inches-thick dick, they would give me blowjobs, I would eat them out, until eventually they were both sexed out.
I now know where they live and come to visit every now and then for a threesome...

Fucking Good

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