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Cherry Popped

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Dorm
Language = English
Refnum = 17627
The first time I had sex was in my dorm room in Februaury. I had met a guy online and we decided to meet. He came over and the first day we met he came to my dorm cause I had sprained my ankle the night before and couldn't walk on it very well. We talked for awhile and then we started fooling around. It was great. The second day we hung out we were at my dorm room again and we went out to a record store to waste time until my roommate left to do her radio show. When we got back to my room, we had about a half hour before she left, but she left early because she's awesome. So she left and we started fooling around and then we decided to have sex. So we started having sex and i thought i wasn't a virgin, but it turns out I was cause i started bleeding and we were both kinda surprised by it. It hurt a lot at first but then after a few minutes it felt really good. I think i came twice. When he was banging me I felt really good. It felt kinda funny at first, but I got used to it. I loved how it felt going in and out really fast. He has an awesome cock!!!! He shot a big load and i felt it and it was awesome. He stayed for little while after that and then he went home cause he had stuff to do, but I will never forget my first time. We are in love and still have sex to this day.

Cherry Popped

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