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When I was a sophmore at my High school there was a girl I
had my eyes on since Seventh grade. Now it comes time for
Winter Ball, and I decded to aske her to go with me. I am
sorta a Mack so I got her to say Yes. We went on a double
date with one of our mutual friend and her boyfriend. He
drove because I was too young. It was hot inside at the
Dance so we all decided to go for a ride. We ended up by
River. He and his girlfriend hopped in the back of his
blazer so that left us in the front seat. She had on a
button up the front dress on. I leaned the seat back
so she was on top of me. Slowly I lifted up my head and
kissed her. The other two were into it hardcore so she
didn't have any worries about being watched. After making
out for 5 minutes. I moved my hand up and started
unbuttoning her dress. I soon had the first five buttons
undone and had my hand inside of her bra she said why don't
you just take it off. So I took off her dress and bra. She
was about a B cup, nice and firm. So she was just there in
her cotton panties and me fully clothed so I said things
don't look right she agreed and undressed my to my boxers.
I took this as a hint and looked bac at the other two, they
were completly naked. So I moved my hands down onto her ass
and pushed her hips into my croch. She told me to wait a
minute. She went down took of my boxers and gave me a blow
job till I was hard as a rock. I told her it was my turn to
return the favor. I got down and started kissing her pussy
through the panties. I put my hands up and started to play
with her. I took of her panties and started to ear her out.
After that I went up kissed her and slowly let her guide me
in. I started easy and I heard her moan. Then I kept it
easy till we got a rythm going. I was on top. We made love
for about five minutes when she gasped for air and made a
wierd moan. I took this as her orgasm and that sent me off
I pulled out my dick and stuck it in her mouth. She swallowed
all my cum. Suddenly a camera flash went off. The othe two
had finished and took a picture of us. We took nude pictures
till we ran out of film. I still have my pictures of her
to this day and I still love her. So where ever you are
Emmeli, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!


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