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Sex = Male
Where it happened = A hotel in Singapore
Language = English
Refnum = 17188

This happened in February 1997, just a month before my 15th
b-day. I met my cousin Anna, then 13, when she and her family
just arrived at the airport. I hadn't seen her for a very long
time so when I saw her at that time I thought that she's an
abosulute cutie and...she made feel sooo horny :) The next
day we were left alone in her room and surely it was time
to make it out! I waited for her while she was taking a bath
in front of the door and when she stepped out of the bath room
I held her tight, kissed all over her body and carried her
to the bed :D At first she couldn't stop screaming in pain
and trying to run away but finally she could enjoy it and
let her virginity got taken :) I told her not to tell anyone
bout it and I promised if something [like, say, pregnancy,]
happened to her, I'd marry her. In fact nothing happened to
my poor dear Anna coz I used 2 condoms. Now I'm still in love
with her and she'll soon be my wife :D


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