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Liza Meets the Monster Cock

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My first time was with my first love, Joel. We were both counselors at a summer camp. One night, after all the families had gone to bed and most of the other counselors were in town, Joel and I went for a late-night sauna. Joel was a football player -- very big, somewhat clumsy, but sweet as jam on bread. As soon as we were in the sauna, he began kissing my face and neck and fondling my breasts through my bathing suit. His hands slipped inside the suit and caressed my hard nipples. I was in heaven. I opened my legs and guided one of his monster-size hands onto my clit. He rubbed and kissed my body until I was close to orgasm and slipped his large index finger into my virgin cunt. I was more wet and aroused than I had ever been in my life. Sure he would understand, I told him, "Maybe tonight?" His smile told me he had understood my cryptic message. Joel flashed a mischevious grin and I knew this was the night I had been dreaming of my entire life: I was going to fuck.

Joel got up suddenly and said, "Let's go for a walk." A little disappointed, I agreed. We quickly adjusted our bathing suits and went out into the cool night air. Joel put his hand in mine. It was then that I noticed Joel had an enormous erection. I was such an innocent when it came to sex that I had never bothered to look at his crotch before. It was colossal in size, pushing his swimming trunks out at least a foot. I was suddenly afraid: Would his big cock fit inside me? I had heard first-time stories and the girls always said "it hurts like hell." In that moment, Joel's cock bulging in his swim trunks appeared frightening. Joel noticed my eyes staring at his crotch and smiled. "It's kinda huge, isn't it," he said matter-of-factly. I nodded. "Don't worry," he cooed in my ear, "I'll go slow."

We walked past the boundary of the camp grounds and found ourselves walking in the nearby field. The tree house belonging to a local farmer loomed above us. Joel and I looked at each other, looked at the tree house, and began running like children to reach the tree house ladder first. Being a football player, Joel beat me easily, his huge, muscular body lumbering past me like a gale. I watched as he climbed the ladder, his hard erection swinging back and forth in his loose trunks, and I climbed up behind him. As soon as we got into the treehouse, we began furiously tearing our clothes off. It was the first time we had seen each other naked. Joel smiled with pleasure, his hands grabbing my firm breasts, but the sight of his cock made me gasp: His cock was "lethal weapon" proportioned, at least eleven inches and impossibly thick. Would he kill me?

Joel began kissing my body, caressing my neck and nipples with his mouth. His large hands kneaded my ass and thighs like they were clay. I felt my pussy dripping in anticipation and sighed. Suddenly inspired by the moment, I rose on my knees and pushed Joel down onto the tree house floor. I had never tasted cock before and, though I had no idea how to do it, I decided to pleasure him with my mouth and tongue. I began by wrapping my lips around the tip and flicking my tongue over the head. It tasted wonderful! Joel began moaning loudly. His hands gripped my head like a vise and began pulling me up and down over his cock. My left hand reached to clutch the bottom half of his enormous hard-on. Joel began moving his body beneath me, moaning, "Suck me, Liza, squeeze it," and I did, sucking his cock as best I could. It was my first time, so I only managed to put the first five inches in my mouth, but Joel was moaning and crying out with pleasure.

When he was close to coming, Joel suddenly cried, "Wait!" in a strangely broken, strained voice. I stopped and he gently pulled me to the floor beside him. He turned on his side and looked into my eyes. His eyes were large and brown, beautiful to behold. Tears ran down his cheeks and fell from his face onto my shoulder. "What's wrong?" I asked softly, my hand caressing his face. "Liza," he whispered, "I want to make love to you." His hand was on my breasts, traveling down to my abdomen and on to my cunt. His fingers tentatively stroked my clit and the outer lips of my pussy. "Shit, you're so wet," he breathed in a broken voice. I felt his cock get harder next to my thigh. Without words, he got on top of me, kissed me deeply, and placed the head of his cock at the opening of my vagina. I cried out, afraid of the pain.

Joel opened my legs further. "Liza, I'm going to go slow. If it starts to hurt too much, just tell me and I'll stop." I nodded. Tears began welling in my eyes. "I love you," he said meaningfully, his eyes looking deep into my own. And then desire overcame him and he pressed his huge cock farther in. I could feel it pressed against my hymen. The lips of my vagina pulsed and heated in anticipation and my pussy began dripping all over my thighs. "Just do it!" I cried out, my legs wrapping around Joel's muscular body. And then, like a rapier, his cock entered me. The most pleasurable, mind-searing, painful but sweet sensation went through my body: Joel's cock was pumping in and out of me, filling my virgin pussy way past the point of full. With every stroke, his monster cock hit my uterus and I cried out with pleasure, moaning and bucking beneath him. The pleasure was well beyond my expectations. He fucked me like an animal! It was the most wonderful experience of my life.

Joel was lost in another world, fucking me hard and fast. I screamed out with pleasure, "Yes, Joel! Fuck me! Fuck me!" and he began fucking me harder, his face contorted in pleasure. "Shit," he roared, "Liza, I think I'm coming!" I felt his cock spasm and move within me. His cum shot like a cannon inside me and I felt my own orgasm bursting within me. We both began to yell, "Yeeees!" at the top of our lungs, our bodies trembling with indescribable pleasure. Joel embraced me hard, squeezing me until I gasped for breath. "I love you," he said passionately, and we kissed for what seemed like hours. Moments later, we heard the camp jeep returning from town and the excited voices of the other camp counselors as they bounded out of their seats. Joel and I laughed, knowing they would never know of our adventure in the tree house.

After our first time, Joel and I spent the summer sucking and fucking wherever we could: Under the diving platform in the lake; on the floor of the sauna; in the camp showers; on a bed in an empty cabin; in the front seat of Joel's car; and even in the grass beside the playground. He was a sweet and attentive lover: Sometimes slow and sweet, sometimes fast and hard, Joel was never boring. I learned my favorite position from him -- doggie-style -- as he loved to fuck me from behind and fondle my breasts. Because my first experience was with Joel's enormous lethal-weapon cock I now have a preference for big cocks that fill me full. I will never forget Joel. He was the first and best lover I ever had.

Liza Meets the Monster Cock

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