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Sex = Male
Where it happened = Pool
Language = English
Refnum = 17166
I was swimming in the pool when someone jumped in off the diving board and landed on me. As I was squirming underneath the water, I felt up her breasts for fun because of the opportunity. Then I rose to the top and said, "Sorry." She said, "It's OK. I don't mind" then she hit her hand against my penis as a retort. So I kinda ran my toe along her swim bottom and up her ass a little. She smiled and while messing with my hair, gave a non-chalant firm two strokes along my cock. I got hard and we went over to the golf course. In the woods she took off her top and I felt her up and pressed my pants against her. She yanked my swimming shorts off and blew me for 2 min. Then I stripped the rest of her down and fingered her and finally fucked. She was 13 years also and had small tits but that's OK because she was just starting to develop.


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