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Sex = Male
Where it happened = Endor
Language = English
Refnum = 1775
I was living with my Aunt and Uncle, when they were killed. I enlisted the help of a Pirate to get me out of there when we were picked up and held prisoner. We were able to escape and also rescue a Princess named Lay-uh. We all got away and went to Endor. I got a blowjob from a fuzzy little fucker as well as a huge hairy fucker that was friends with the pirate guy. anyway, i had my eyes on the chick we had rescued. She was hot but had some fucked up looking hair. She asked what she owed me for rescuing her, and I said yo pussy bitch, and threw he on the ground. She grabbed my lightsabre and sucked my dong. I then ate her pricely pussy and rammed my cock into her sweethoney box. The next morning I hauled ass and went to fight the Evil Darth fucker. Anyway, he said that I was really his son, and that Lay-uh was my sister. So i said, too bad, cause that bitch has some good pussy. Anyway, she's fucking that pirate dude now,Hand-Job or Solo or something like that. I'm ruling the Universe with my dad and getting pussy every day! -Luke
P.S. George, Dennis says Hi!


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