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Cousin Orgy!

Sex = Male
Where it happened = Hot Tub
Language = English
Refnum = 16918
Okay, well, I don't have a big long and most likely FAKE story like "she kissed my cock so tenderly...." that's just bull. Nobody remembers that much.
But here's what I do remember. It was at my grandparents house, and there were about six of us in their hot tub. All the adults were downstairs while me and my cousins (four female, ages 15, 13, 12, 11, and one male, 15) just sat in the hot tub. Well, we got to playing truth or dare, and eventually everyone was naked.
Anyway, We kept going further and further with each other and by the end of the night my 15-y-o female cousin had taken my virginity, and I had fucked the other girls too. My male cousin had fucked most of them too. I don't even think the 11 -y-o was through puberty yet, but we fucked her anyway.
Since then I've fucked my female cousins each at least twice more, some as many as five times.
Oh and for those of you who follow a different sexual persuasion (no discrimination implied), sorry to disappoit you but there was no lez or gay action. We're all families from around the midwest and at the time we thought of that stuff as "wrong." (I'm not saying it IS wrong...just that at the time, I thought it was.)
So that's my story. No extreme, FAKE detail, just the facts.

Cousin Orgy!

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