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Big one

Sex = Female
Where it happened = Friends house
Language = English
Refnum = 15690
I went over to my friends house one night to study and her boyfriend came over. I really liked her boyfriend and he liked me so when she went to get a drink we started kissing. While we were kissing he put his hand up my skirt and started feeling my crotch. He said he was hard and that he wanted me to suck his dick. Well my friend had walked back in and heard and started geting really mad. She kicked him out and started yelling at me. So i followed him. We stopped outside and started to kiss. He pulled my skirt down and set me on the edge of her front porch. Then he shoved his dick in my mouth and i ended up giving him a long blowjob. After i did that he started to eat me out and he put his dick in me. It hurt at first but after the pain went away it was really good. We both cummed and went further into the grass. We did it like 3 times and ended up falling asleep naked behind a tree.

Big one

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