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I was delivering the morning newspaper to the houses on my
paper route, and while cutting through a back yard, I heard
a tap...tap...tap on one of the back windows of a house. I
turned to look, and I'll be damned if there wasn't a naked
girl standing in the window. She was smiling and motioned me
over to her window. I was shocked to see her in the first
place, but I was 13 and horny as hell, so I did not even
hesitate a second, over to the window I went. She lifted it
up, and there I was...face to crotch with her. My cock was
so hard you could have cut a diamond with it. She could see
my bulge, and see how excited she was making me, and we had
not even spoken a word. She broke the silence by saying. "I
have seen you come by my window so many times, and I wanted
to see me too". I about shot my load right then, cause as I
was listening to her, she reaches down and starts rubbing on
her pussy. And her pussy was about a foot from my face at
the time. "Do you want to touch it", she asks, and my cock
is just twitching away in my pants like crazy. "I sure as
hell would" is all I can say, and reach in through the win-
dow, and put my fingers on her wet twat. She put a leg up on
the sill to give me better access, and here I am fingering
her cunt, with a hard-on thats about to burst, and I haven't
even taken off my paper-bag, but who cares about that, I'm
doing what any 13 year old boy would dream about, playing
stink finger with a live, naked, nasty girl. She starts
pushing her hips a little faster, and moaning,"Would you
like to come in" she asks. I didn't have to be asked twice,
and was through the window in a flash. The air smelled hot,
and heavy in her room, and now I could really get a good
look at her. She had really nice tits, a cute face, and an
exceptional ass and bush. I really was ready now, and my
dick was oozing pre-come like a river. Without a word, she
starts helping me off with my clothes, and she's breathing
real hard too. I must have looked okay to her because she
grabbed my cock, fell back on the bed, and had me inside her
in one fluid motion. When I felt that pussy wrapped around
my cock, I was really in heaven. I had never even imagined
that it would feel that good, and my imagination was pretty
vivid even then. I only lasted a very short time, because I
soon felt the wonderful tickly feeling in my balls, that is
always accompanied with a blast of hot jism shooting out of
the end of my prick. And it was blast after blast of come,
that I shot too! I could see a look of suprise on her face
as I squirted too, she must have really felt it in her, and
she said, "Wow, you must have been storing that up for a
long, long time". I pulled it out, and watched as my cream
just poured out of her pussy, and ran down her ass-crack. I
was stunned at how much come was bubbling out of her, and it
looked real nasty. She was just laying there smiling, and I
felt absolutely great. She started rubbing her cunt again,
and I used that as my cue to leave. "Stop by tommorrow" she
said as I climbed out the window, and that was it! I did go
back the next day, and every day after for a long time. She
never said much, and I said even less, but I sure did get a
lot of come out of my young balls, and I learned a lot of
stuff about fucking, eating pussy, and every other thing a
young lad needs to know. I am happy she was as horny as I
was, and had the nerve to make herself known to me. I was a
lucky first-timer, and she made me oh so happy!!!

First squirt in pussy

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