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on my tits

Sex = Male
Where it happened = his car
Language = English
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He was the captain of the football team and very poupular. I liked him a lot but was determined not to have sex. My girl friend had just gotten pregnant and I was terrified that the same thing would happen to me. His name was Ken and after the game we would park down by the lake, it was very secluded. We would talk and kiss and it was very romantic.

I thought things were fine until one night while we were making out he ran his hand up my skirt and felt my pussy. I pushed his hand away. He said he had to have sex with me. He said his balls hurt and he needed release. I wasn't sure what he meant but I kind of knew I had to do something or he wouldn't want to take me out anymore.

I had been letting him feel my tits as we kissed. I knew he always had a hard on but had never touched him or seen it naked. I reached in his lap and felt he penis. It was bigger than I would have ever thought it could be and hard. He kind of moaned and closed his eyes. I pulled down his zipper and pull his penis out into the open air.

The car windows were all fogged up and it was a very secluded spot so I grabbed it with my hand and and squeezed it. A drop of moisture appeared at the opening. It was like a bar of steal covered in velvet. He sort of humped his hips and I moved my hand down the lenth of it to his sac below. I wasn't sure what would happen next. I knew I had to satisfy him some how with out letting him put it in me.

My older sister got drunk one night and confessed that her husband liked to put his penis between her tits. She thought it was odd but let him. I decided to see if that would satisfy Ken.

I pull my sweeter over my head and laid back against the door. I have really nice tits and I watched his face as I unsnaped my bra and uncovered them. I said "come fuck my tits, Kenny." His eyes got big and in an instant he had his pants down and was stratteling my big chest.

His penis was real thick and long and the knob on the end was swollen and a purple color. It was the first real one I had ever seen. My sister showed me an x rated movie once so I knew what they looked like.

It was different in person though. It seemed to be alive. Like it had a mind of its own, as if there were two people. Ken and his penis. It sort hovered over me. I reached up and took ahold of it. Ken kind of trembled. I smeared the moisture over the head of his penis and pulled it, and him, down to me and place it between my tits. He stated to pump it up and down between them. He grabbed my tits and push them together around his penis.

At first it was hard to move but after a short time he got very wet and my tits where covered with slippery goo. He began to work himself there and in a minute or two, he stopped and grabbed his penis. He stroked it two times and then strings of white sperm shot out of him with a force I couldn't believe. The first one hit me in the eye and its stung. I watched in disbelief as spurt after spurt erupted for him. He pushed himself back between my tits as he spurted my chin and neck. I love the feel of his hot sperm on my neck and breast. When he was done he pulled away and I was laying there with a neckless of sperm aroung my neck and my tits were covered with it.

I love the feeling it gave me to have control over him. I was glad I could bring him pleasure and I love it. It was right then that I knew I love sperm. I like watching it shot from him and I love the feel of it on my skin. The smell was real masculin and it was like it was alive.

Kenny said it was wonderful and asked if we could do it again, but it was after Midnight and my parents would be waiting for me, so I told him next time he could do it again.

on my tits

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