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Sex = Male
Where it happened = my house
Language = English
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It was Valentine's Day and me and my girlfriend Liz were going to a party
at the party people brought Booze. everybody got drunk I was not drunk but I was a little tanked
she was motioning for me to come to the kitchen as I walked there she started making out with me
for about 10 minutes we were making out, she lifted up her skirt and showed me she was not wearing panties
as soon as I saw her pussy I got a hard on. she took off her clothes and started to undress me. I started sucking on her tits and about 10 minutes later
I got to her pussy I started Licking like there was no tomorrow then she pulled me up and told me to
fuck her in the ass so I did and shot about 3 wads in there after that she sucked on my dick
and then I slid my dick into her pussy i started slow then got fast I put 2 wads in her cunt after that night we always fucked each other on Valentines day and
on the weekends


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