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Carolyn's Frolic

Sex = Male
Where it happened = my boat- Truman Reservior
Language = English
Refnum = 1461

Carolyn worked as a photographer at the newspaper and I was assistant editor of the sports section. We dated for two weeks. One night we really got into each other in the backseat of my car. I took off her bra and let her tits hang down. She had a lot to offer. She mentioned that she was a virgin and really wanted to be sure of the guy. We goofed around until I shot into her tits.

I told her that I really respected her decision and would give her all the time she needed.
For her 21st birthday I took her out on Truman Reservior for a full day of cruising. It was a hot day in August, so at 2:30 in the afternoon we pulled into a quiet cove and put down the anchor.
I showed her how to climb overboard so we could swim. While we swam I took off her suit. I watched her shimmering body glide through the water. She wasted little time removing my suit and feeling my rock-hard cock.

Back in the boat, she went for the suck-off. She really put in a good effort and worked herself into a sweat. I fingered her little blonde bush until it was soaking my entire hand. She backed up against the steering wheel and I went for her. No condom-there wasn't any time! I found her cunt and went in about 3 inches. She couldn't hold back. She slid down on the seat and raised her legs over her head. Her pussy was fully exposed. I drove it in all the way. She moaned as she came. I stayed in her ten minutes and really pumped her, but I could tell she was losing lubrication so I put it in stomache and shot!
Ten minutes later we did it again. She got dressed really slowly and I watched every move. Her breasts were so swelled that her bra was giving her trouble, so I took it. I told her I would return it on our wedding night.
That 36-c still hangs in my closet. We get married on 4-23-97

Carolyn's Frolic

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