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cum inside

Sex = Female
Where it happened = friends basement
Language = English
Refnum = 13938
It was just yesterday that it happened. I was at my friends house. and she had a few friends over well one of her friends st... brought his friend k.. over. after a few min. we went outside for a smoke (k.. and I) and he was the sweetest thing. So then we went downstairs to thebasement where everyone else was. I slowly placed my hand on his hand and then he sliped his hand down my pants and he swept my pantties to one side as he placed his fingers inside me then He fingered me like never befor we began to makeout . After when everyone in he room relized what was going to happen they left us alone. Once they were gone I gave him a hand job and a blow job then he began to cum. He then asked if he could go inside me. At first I said no but then I pulled my panteis down and placed his hard cock inside me. After a few min he began to cum inside me. we fucked for about 1 hour and a half befor my friends mum came down and we had to stop. I want him to be here right now. I want his hard cock inside my warm pussy

cum inside

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