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Sex = Male
Where it happened = my house
Language = English
Refnum = 13691
i am a universty student, before we gradaute from secondary
school, we already know each others, after we almost garduate
we fallen love each others. everyday, we went out for shopping,
eating, and watching movie. after three month that was the
anniversary of three month, we went to watched mid-night movie,
at that time, i lose control, i touched her breast, and she
didn't refused, i touch her breast without unbutton her bra,
i felt that she was high, i took her hand to touch my penis,
it was hard penis, i felt great! afterthat, i sent her go back
her home.
when i was going back, i felt great, and i masterburd, her
breast so soft! really great!!!
after one month that was my birthday, i invited her to came,
and i brough her to my room, and we sat on my bed, i kissed
her, and neck, and my hand go on to touch her braest, and
i continue, i unbutton her blouse, i saw her wore a white bra,
it was very pretty, after few minutes, we all undressed, i kissed
her bra and tits, she was become high, then i fuck her ,
she was first time,i saw some blood and i love her much!!


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