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Back when I was a young boy of 13..I had a crush on my little brothers' babysitter. She was really pretty and had a great body. SHe was dating this guy who was a real loser and she would be upset over him a lot. I would talk to her and try to cheer her up.. no time at all we developed a deep friendship. We went places together..watched movies, played video games..etc. One day..I just leaned over and kissed her..and she kissed me back. I was amazed..I never ever thought that an older girl would ever give me the t ime of day. Needless to say that the day we first made love was very special to me...

I was getting ready for school and I went up to her house..everyone in her house had left so it was just her and me. She was wearing a beautiful lingerie and I instantly had an erection...she took me in her arms..gently kissed me and put me inside of was the most pleasureable experience ever! I came hard..and for the next 5 months...we continued this forbidden relationship. I had to move away and stopped contact with her..I have had several more women..but I will never forget my a matter of fact...6 years later...I am talking to her again...


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